Tips for trash collection after the storm

After the winds and rains from storms have passed, piles of tree limbs and household debris await trash collectors.

To help speed up the cleanup, please observe the following guidelines for trash collection.

  • Keep garbage separate from tree limbs and yard waste. Garbage service will be resumed as quickly as possible, depending on road and weather conditions.
  • Containerize your trash. Put as much trash as possible in cans, boxes or bags. Leaves must be bagged or put in cans. Small piles of branches or household debris should be placed in cans or boxes.
  • Stack up limbs and debris curbside. Be careful to place the pile clear of power wires, street signs, mail boxes, water meters, light poles, fences or overhanging branches. Keep debris off the street.
  • Recyclable materials will be collected on your regular day. Keep recyclables six feet from trash. Use your official bin to readily identify recyclables.
  • Appliances and tires will be collected on regular days. Keep appliances away from trash or garbage piles. Do not put garbage or yard waste in your appliance.
  • Be patient for collection of large piles of debris. If not collected after two weeks, or if other nearby piles have been collected and not yours, please call the appropriate city or parish agency or your private contractor.
  • Watch for local news reports on trash collection for the most up-to-date information.