New business to take on geese problem using the 'Goosinator'

New business to take on geese problem using the 'Goosinator'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – "No harm, no fowl" is the basis of a brand-new business buzzing through Myrtle Beach aimed at fixing the geese problem.

Jack Baldwin, the owner of GooseBuster MB, is encouraging people to call him to use his decoy that will help do the trick.

The business is just over a week old.

"I'm not looking to harm them or destroy them, just to relocate them," Baldwin said.

Baldwin moved to the area less than a year ago and he quickly discovered the problem.

"From the day that I registered the business, the girls at the registration office couldn't believe the idea and everyone I talk to say it's a huge problem down here, and they hope I am the one that will solve all the goose problems," he said.

Baldwin's creation is called Lucy the Goosinator. She is a three-foot, durable, Styrofoam, remote controlled device. The first step is to chase the geese into the water.

"That's because their natural predators don't go in the water - foxes, coyotes, bobcats - but Lucy goes in the water after them and they realize this is a super predator," Baldwin said.

To ensure the geese won't return, Baldwin places similar-looking decoys up for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He also checks back multiple times a day.

"It works on swans also. They are a little more stubborn, but on ducks, seagulls, several birds," Baldwin said.

The decoys are a must.

"The geese are a very smart bird. What they'll do is send a sensory back and will fly over the area where we chased them out several times, and that bird will report back to the flock that this Goosinator is still on site," Baldwin said.

He is all about being green as well.

"Each goose goes to the bathroom about 28 times a day. That could be up to two pounds a day, per bird. If you have 100 birds, that's a lot of poop," Baldwin said. "They carry bacteria in the water, on the grass, on the playing fields. These poor kids have to slide through this stuff."

There have been some complaints about the geese roundups the South Department of Natural Resources performs, which have led to geese protests.

DNR goes to neighborhoods that have a Canadian geese problem and offer permits to authorize euthanization of the geese.

Baldwin believes his Goosinator is the best way to solve the problem.

The inspiration for the name of his business came from an 80s comedy classic starring Bill Murray.

"The older movie, 'Ghostbusters,' we kind of took off after that. We wanted something eye catching and Lucy came up. Well, because of 'loosey goosey,'and just kind of stuck and it works," Baldwin said.

There are more Lucys being built right now.

"I am not afraid to work. If I have to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make my customers happy, then I will," Baldwin said.

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