Dozens of registered sex offenders do not have addresses

Multiple sex offenders report as homeless, give parking lots for address to police

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Dozens of the 560 registered sex offenders in Horry County are registered as homeless or without a specific address.

For law enforcement, this means tracking those offenders might be more difficult.

In a one-mile radius of the WMBF News station, there are 40 registered sex offenders. That's triple the number of registered sex offenders in May 2017.

In a three-mile radius of the station, there are 180 registered sex offenders. Some of those people are listed as "homeless" or list an address that is just a parking lot or a street. Horry County Sheriff's Sgt. Chris Graham said a deputy still monitors those offenders.

"We require them to give us a geographical location, whether it be a parking lot or wooded area. For example, it may be at the corner of Third Avenue and Main Street. If that's where they say they're staying, we make sure they are there. However, if they move locations we require them weekly to let us know," he said.

Graham said there is a full-time deputy who verifies offenders' home addresses and employers, to make sure those offenders are giving accurate information about where they are living and working.

If an offender, homeless or not, moves to a new location or gets a new job, they have three business days to alert the HCSO.

"We go through the process of charging them possibly with failure to comply or register," Graham said.

Most sex offenders are also required to stay 1,000 feet from a school, daycare or park. Graham said there are five sex offender charges that require those stipulations. Those who must comply with that law include those charged with kidnapping, kidnapping under the age of 18, trafficking under the age of 18, and sexual conduct charges one, two, and three.

Anyone who fears that a sex offender is breaking the law, they can email, call, or give an anonymous tip to the Horry County Sheriff's Office.

Those who would like to get an email alert to find out if a sex offender moves to their neighborhood, they can sign up by clicking here.

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