'Healthy, happy' children and teachers a must for Horry school board chairman candidate

Horry school board chairman candidate wants to transform district

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Schools will soon have a new chairman leading the district.

WMBF News is profiling each Republican candidate ahead of Tuesday's primary election. One of the candidates is Patricia Milley, who has almost 55 years of combined classroom and church teaching experience.

If elected as chairman, Milley wants to transform the entire Horry County school system.

"I've really worked hard because we need to transform our system. It is sick," Milley said.

Her slogan is "Healthy, happy children plus healthy, happy teachers make healthy, happy schools."

Milley believes a chairman must understand children first.

"Money won't fix it. They have thrown money at education ever since the mid-90s. They just waste it," she said.

As far as the district's budget is concerned, Milley does not support a tax referendum or selling bonds.

"I am for putting on impact fees so we have the money up front to build these schools, roads and our policemen and firemen," she said.

When it comes to Common Core, Milley thinks it should be removed. She said children are unhappy, as well as "stressed out and being abused and victimized." Her goal is to go to Columbia and get 11 new bills passed.

"If I can get a landslide of votes and say to senators Luke Rankin and Greg Hembree I have 50,000 people voting for me and this many people who want change, then we can fix it. Man can transform those bad laws into good laws," Milley said.

Some of her proposed initiatives include limiting hours of instruction to 20 hours per week and having longer recess time.

"If a child is restless, the teacher should be able to give that child a pass to the playground to play and get his energy out," Milley said.

Forbidding meals in the classrooms would be another criteria.

"I went to Palemtto Bays and they were serving breakfast in the classroom so the children could study while they ate. I was appalled," she said.

The mental health of students is another concern for Milley.

"I would say one out of four children are sick and on pills. I think nurses must report who is on medication," she said.

When asked about her stance on armed officers inside the schools, Milley said both paid guards and police can do an effective job.

"We have to have them there, but it's not a thing that will last forever because if we get our healthy, happy schools, we won't have shooters," she said. "We have to protect our children."

Four candidates total are running for chairman. Democratic candidate Heather Johnson is running unopposed. She fill face either Ken Richardson, Janice Morreale or Milley in the general election.

The GOP primary is Tuesday, July 17.

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