Officials begin plans to redraw Horry and Georgetown County line

Effort to determine line between Georgetown, Horry counties begins

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -- An effort to correct an issue with the Horry and Georgetown County line officially began Wednesday, as hundreds of lots which were originally thought to be in Horry County were actually determined to be in Georgetown County.

It's not a very large portion of land, but it impacts about 200 lots.

However, residents are getting to vote on whether to stay in Horry or officially join Georgetown County and the decision for some is about much more than a change in address.

"I'm an Horry County girl and my husband is an Horry County native. He was born here," said Kari Collins.

Collins and her family just moved to into their new house less than six weeks ago. They live on one of those 200 lots impacted by this county line issue.

The Commission to Investigate Annexation made up of both Horry and Georgetown officials discussed its plan of action to determine where to re-locate the county line.

In May, a bill was passed in the state house to allow property owners in this area to vote if they want to stay in Horry County or become part of Georgetown County.

State law requires three surveyors must be selected for this project as both counties look to determine what county lines would look like after residents vote.

Representative Russell Fry said he has spoken with residents who could be impacted by this change, which effects more than just a mailing address.

"The taxes change, the school districts change, where they vote changes, a lot of changes based on where they live," said Fry.

Collins said she is not nervous about the vote as she believes a majority of residents will vote to stay in Horry County.

Horry County will be sending out bids to surveyors for this project and will be splitting the cost with Georgetown County 50-50.

The Commission also discussed the possibility of a special election in early 2019 for this official vote, but that is still to be determined.

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