North Myrtle Beach city leaders remove items from yard, add signs instead

NMB officials removing items to allow parking in front of homes

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Parking is no longer allowed in the median on Ocean Boulevard, which is why North Myrtle Beach city leaders are allowing parking on side streets in public right-of-ways in front of homes.

Residents who live in the Crescent Beach area said the city started removing items from their yards too, even though there wasn't a parking problem in their area.

"It's not right," said Scott Littiken, who added the city removed signs from his home and added their own signs. "They just showed up and said you get this 24 feet over here to access your driveway. And, anybody can park right here [on the other side]."

Littiken said as soon as the signs were put up by city manager Mike Mahaney, people started parking in front of his home, blocking his driveway.

"Yesterday we had the police called out here because a large truck was parked there blocking the vehicles in," he said.

The pavement was not put in by Littiken. He said it was built years before he moved in.

According to Littiken, the dwelling and cement was permitted in 1959. Horry County land records confirm that in 1959, 171 square feet of lane was approved, and another pavement project was approved in 1992 to allow 2,400 square feet of cement.

WMBF News reached out to Mahaney to discuss this issue, but he was not available. City spokesman Pat Dowling was asked to find out why this driveway is not allowed, even though there are permits that show otherwise.

"They may have issued a permit to build a deck, a concrete deck. The driveway is issued on Holly Drive. It's clear on Google Earth," he said.

However, Littiken's address and mailbox are Perrin Drive. When asked why the address and mailbox are facing Perrin Drive, Dowling replied by saying the driveway is on Holly Drive.

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