NC couple enters plea admitting to forcing children into prostitution in Myrtle Beach

CHARLOTTE, NC (WMBF) – A North Carolina couple entered plea agreements Tuesday admitting they forced three young girls into prostitution in Myrtle Beach.

Federal court records indicate Zerrell Fuentes and his wife, Brianna Wright, aka Brianna Fuentes, entered into the plea agreements Tuesday. The details of those agreements were sealed.

According to court documents, Fuentes was in the Mecklenburg County Detention Center in North Carolina in April 2016. Jail records state he was charged with hit-and-run and possession of a stolen firearm.

While in jail, Fuentes reportedly called Wright and told her to have a minor girl prostitute to earn money for his bond.

Wright had already planned to go to Myrtle Beach on May 6, 2016, so Fuentes said to take the girl, along with two other minors, with her so they could make money prostituting, court records stated.

"The minors' prostitution services were advertised on in order to solicit prostitution clients in Myrtle Beach," the court documents state.

At one point, Fuentes reportedly called a female friend from jail and bragged that he had "three little birdies going to the beach to do something for" him.

According to court documents, Fuentes called Wright and the three girls a number of times from jail once they arrived in Myrtle Beach. One of them told him she had worked hard prostituting the night before.

"Wright expressed frustration that the minors are not working hard enough, had not made enough money, and were keeping money from her," court documents stated.

One of the minors reportedly earned a few hundred dollars by performing sexual acts while in Myrtle Beach.

Both Fuentes and Wright were initially indicted by a grand jury in April 2017. A sentencing date was not immediately known.

A search of the Horry County Public Index did not turn up any charges the two might be facing locally.

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