Neighbors shocked after body found in woods near trail

Neighbors shocked after body found in woods near trail

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Police continue to investigate after a woman's body was found near Palmetto Pointe Boulevard and Palmetto Glen Drive in Horry County over the weekend.

Aside from the yellow caution tape in a wooded area tucked behind some of the homes, it would be hard to tell a person was killed just days ago. On Monday, many garage doors were left open and neighbors seemed to be walking around with ease, but some are in disbelief.

People who live in Palmetto Glen describe it as a quiet neighborhood and a place they usually feel safe to call home. Neighbors are now left speechless as a crime scene sits in their backyard.

Horry County police say 41-year-old Jennifer Fitchett was murdered. Her body was discovered by a runner in a heavily-wooded area near a trail on Saturday.

Now, two days later, some neighbors said they're just learning of that shocking discovery. One man says he runs that trail often and couldn't imagine something like this happening.

"I run this neighborhood basically every single night. From the beginning of the trail basically to the gas station and back and honestly, just drastically shocked that this happened," said Lorenzo Fiorelli.

Some say it's a secure neighborhood. The last time they can remember any crime happening here was years ago.

"Never felt unsafe at all. It's a very nice neighborhood. We did have some attempted break-ins a couple of years ago; it was seen on camera. Other than that, no. It's a very safe, nice neighborhood," said Malcolm Cockshutt.

Now, with little information on how Fitchett was killed or who's responsible, many neighbors are certainly more wary.

Horry County police said they aren't releasing her cause of death, so they don't compromise their investigation.

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