Some Grand Strand courses close for green renovations

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – International Club is one of several golf courses across the Grand Strand to close for green renovations after the harsh winter weather earlier this year.

International Club General Manager Doug Donner said with the closing, he expects them to lose about $300,000 in revenue. In addition, each green costs $100,000 to fix and there are 20 greens on site.

"It hurts. I mean, the good thing about it is that this time of year is kind of our slower time so it doesn't hurt as bad as it would have, but with the problems with the greens we weren't getting a whole lot of play anyways," said Donner. "So, the revenue, well, we're missing all the revenue from the summer months."

International Club closed back on May 29 and will remain closed until July 11. Donner said typically you have to make some repairs coming out of the winter, but he hasn't seen a winter this bad in about 20 years.

The course is working on repairing the greens now and Donner said they expect to start seeing that grass grow back over the next couple of weeks.

"This was the worst winter we had in twenty years that I know of," said Donner. "The winterkill, technically, we don't generally get it. Sometimes you'll see that a couple courses have it in a few spots, but not like this winter."

Founders Group International as well who closed two courses to let their green grass grow in, anticipate two more closures within the next week to completely redo the greens there.

President of Founders Group International Steve Mays says Long Bay and Aberdeen are closed right now because they have newer grasses and they're using this time to let that grass grow in.

Myrtlewood's PineHills course is set to close on June 22 and Tradition Golf Club is closing June 24. Mays says Founders Group International saw the effect this harsh winter had on the greens, and are using the opportunity to invest and replace the greens at both locations.

He says this kind of issue is not common for our area because we typically don't see a long stretch of extremely cold weather like we did this winter. According to Mays, it's hard to catch something like this early on because the way the grass grows doesn't allow you to see the effect something like extreme weather has on the greens at the time it happens.

A press release from Founders Group International said golfers can expect to get back on the greens at PineHills by Aug. 6 and Tradition by Aug. 14.

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