Businesses and tourists remain confident in safety efforts despite recent shootings

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's been one year since the Father's Day shooting on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, viewed by millions on Facebook Live.

One year later, the city is facing the issue of these violent crimes, but Mayor Brenda Bethune remains confident on the city's public safety efforts.

Last week, two separate shootings took place on Ocean Boulevard and business owners as well as vacationers are taking notice.

The city, business owners as well as the Myrtle Beach Police Department have all gone to great lengths to create a safer family friendly environment, especially downtown.

The police department is making sure they are more visible with a boots on the ground mentality.

Some vacationers said they're not going to let issues like these deter them from enjoying their time in Myrtle Beach, including downtown.

"It happens everywhere you go, it's not going to stop us," said Jamie Jacoviana.

Myrtle Beach business owner Rick Sarver also realizes shootings like this aren't just an issue for Myrtle Beach, it's happening across the country.

"This isn't just an isolated incident anymore, this kind of thing for whatever reason is randomly happening all over the place and it's very sad, it shouldn't be happening it's kind of the world we live in right now," said Sarver, owner of Boardwalk Coffee House.

Sarver has been a business owner in Myrtle Beach for eight years, and despite recent events, said he still feels safe and sees the city's efforts towards public safety escalating.

Vacationers are showing mixed emotions following last weeks shootings, feeling accidents like this take away that family friendly feeling, particularly at night.

"A lot of locals and people who work here say get off the strip by 5 p.m.," said Andy Honeycutt.

Following those recent shootings both Mayor Brenda Bethune and Sarver refuse to let events like those reflect negatively on the Myrtle Beach community and stand by the city's public safety system and the officers protecting the city.

"Our police department has done an excellent job of apprehending all of the suspects, so far, the cameras worked, the system worked our crime analysis is working, everything we have put in the place is working," said Bethune.

Those suspects charged in last week's shootings are set to appear again in court August 24, 2018 for 1 p.m. at the Horry County Judicial Center.

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