Myrtle Beach officials look into pedestrian counters

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach city leaders are looking into the possibility of installing pedestrian counters in the downtown area to help collect data and information investors may want.

"It's important that they have information if they're investing money in an area and they want to know what is down there. You know, 'What's the traffic? What's the people count?'" said Lauren Clever, executive director of the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation.

The cost for this, if the city goes forward with it, is expected to be less than $18,000 for five sensors. It's something that officials and businesses say is worth the investment.

"We're not really sure what the traffic is right there and without a way to count the number of people that come in the summer and the shoulder seasons, it gives you an idea of what events bring people to the area," said Gay Dolphin Gift Shop owner Michelle Kerscher.

"If they're looking for a class A tenant, those people want numbers. They want to know what they're investing in and if the potential and the return for them is going to work for them," said Clever.

Kerscher said some businesses in the area already use them outside their shop, and it helps those already up and running.

"Whether it's traffic up or down in general, what piece of the pie of that traffic their business is getting, (it) helps them make smarter marketing decisions and staffing decisions," she said.

She also says something like this has the potential to spark other improvements downtown.

The DRC said they still need to identify a funding source but moving forward, they plan to evaluate their budget and develop a plan if they decide this is something they'd like to invest in.

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