Chesterfield Co. mother charged with homicide after baby found dead waives right to bond hearing

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Chesterfield County mother charged in connection with the death of her 11-month old daughter did not appear in court and waived her right to a bond hearing.

Breanna Lewis, 19, was charged Monday with homicide by child abuse, according to online court records.

Lewis was supposed to appear before a judge at the Chesterfield County Council room Thursday morning.  Shortly after court started Lewis' Defense Attorney announced she decided to fore go the hearing. Her Defense Attorney did not comment on the reason why.

Lewis was previously charged with giving a false police report, improper disposal of human remains and tampering with evidence. She was given a 71,000 dollar bond on those charges, but no bond has been posted.

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During the hearing, the judge reminded everyone of the gag order placed on the case. Because of that no one close to the case is allowed to comment on it, but some people in the area say its shaken up the community.

"Harlee was a baby and so I think it was just particularly hard on everyone," Shannon Moore said.

Residents in Chesterfield County said the community has been on edge since the day Harlee was reported missing.

"At first we were all worried because Amber Alerts were going on and we were all stressed out at the fact that there was a child missing and in danger," Megan Roscoe said.

Initially, Lewis told authorities baby Harlee was abducted while Lewis was at her mailbox moments before deputies found baby Harlee dead in a diaper box near Lewis' home. Residents said they were shocked when they found out Lewis made the whole story up.

"The whole community was kind of taken back by it," Roscoe said.

What's even more shocking, people said, is that Lewis is now accused of murdering her own daughter. A warrant charging Lewis' with homicide by child abuse claims Lewis inflicted injuries leading to Harlee's death.

"Everything about it was just particularly sad to me and it makes me grateful for the family that I had and the way i was brought up," Mason said.

"This could have been avoided. There are so many other things that could have happened besides this child losing her life," Roscoe said.

Ultimately, the case leaves residents with more questions, than answers.

"Why would she have done that? What state of mind was she in? What drove her to do that?" Connie Cooper said.

The next court for Breanna Lewis' bond hearing was not set during the hearing.

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