Florence gubernatorial candidate says campaign was eye opening to South Carolina issues

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Surrounded by family and other supporters including running mate Senator John Scott, Marguerite Willis learned she didn't win the democratic nomination for governor, falling to opponent James Smith.

Willis watched the results at her house Tuesday night where she first announced she was running for governor back in February.

Willis used her experience as a business anti-trust attorney and value for women empowerment as focal points in her campaign.

Throughout her campaign, Willis traveled all across the state talking to voters on how she's the only candidate who can shake up the "good ol' boy" system in Columbia.

Willis said her first political campaign was nothing short of amazing.

"Lots of unexpected... I'm going to call it wonderfulness. I've met so many people who are wonderful people. I feel like my heart has been stretched," Willis said. "I have more room in my heart for the folks who now I like to call neighbors. The folks who are in need here in the Pee Dee and across the state."

In the days before Tuesday's election, Willis focused her efforts on rallying supporters in Greenville, the Midlands and the Pee Dee where she lives.

Despite Tuesday's loss, Willis said the campaign was really eye opening to issues in South Carolina.

"This state needs to love its neighbors. Where we live here in the Pee Dee people are poor and children are hungry and all sorts of folks need better healthcare and better jobs," Willis said. "This is South Carolina's shame. We are proud John and I to have brought these issues to the forefront."

As for the primary winners, Willis said she wishes them the best.

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