South Carolina primary elections: what to know before hitting the polls

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Tuesday is the South Carolina Primary election. While candidates across both parties are making a final push to get your vote, there are a few things to keep in mind before you head to the polls that could help make your voting experience go smoothly.

In Horry County, there are 124 polling locations that will be manned by roughly 650 polling workers to help guide people along. There are many steps voters can take to prepare like reviewing your sample ballot and researching the candidates on the ballot before getting into the voting booth.

While you don't have to be registered with a political party, you will only be allowed to vote in one party's primary.

Election officials say there's typically a lower voter turnout for the primaries, but they hope more people hit the polls this time around.

"It's very important to vote tomorrow, I mean, there's races that will be decided tomorrow. A lot of people don't like to vote in a primary because they have to declare a party. Just because you vote in a primary doesn't mean you're bound to that party, you can change your mind the next time," said Sandy Martin, Director of Voter Registration and Elections for Horry County.

Martin added the only change this year is the Red Bluff precinct has been moved and combined with the Shell precinct at Bethlehem Baptist Church. If you aren't sure where to go to vote, head to and click on "Find My Polling place". Also, don't forget you will need an up-to-date ID to vote.

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