Information on road closures, alternate routes, and traffic flow available for CCMF weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – As people from all over flock to the area to listen to their favorite country stars, those who aren't coming to downtown Myrtle Beach for the Carolina Country Music Festival should know to stay away from certain areas of Kings Highway if they want to avoid the congestion.

"If you're a motorist and you're not going to be attending CCMF, we have message boards throughout the city encouraging you to use alternate routes," said Myrtle Beach Police Capt. Joey Crosby.

According to Crosby, those alternate routes are Third Avenue South, 21st Avenue North, Robert Grissom Parkway and Oak Street.

"Instead of coming into the center of town, utilize those roadways to get to your destination," he said.

In terms of road closures for the concert, Crosby says Ocean Boulevard is closed from Seventh Avenue North to Ninth Avenue North until Monday morning.

"Now we will alter our traffic pattern and we will adjust that later in the afternoon to where traffic will be diverted west on Joe White Avenue instead of coming to Ninth Avenue North. Besides that, all roadways are open," Crosby said.

For those who are planning on drinking at the festival, police and concert organizers are reminding attendees how important it is to utilize ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft.

"Especially if you're drinking. Taxis are lined up. There's tons of bars and restaurants lined up around the site. My advice, at the end of the event walk into one of the bars and restaurants, relax for a half an hour," said CCMF organizer Bob Durkin.

"Those services will pick you up and drop you off on Ninth Avenue North between Kings Highway and Main Street," Crosby said.

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