Student Spotlight: Seventh grader making waves for academic honors at Ocean Bay

Student Spotlight

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A young lawyer in the making is staying busy at Ocean Bay Middle School to make sure his dreams come true.

With academic scores he's getting collegiate recognition for, he's in the WMBF News Student Spotlight.

"One thing I like about school is how I can learn many things (around) the world. For example, in science I can learn what elements make what things, and in social studies I can learn what happened when," seventh grader John Sumter said.

In school, Sumter is a stand-out student. He's only 13 years old, but has been recognized by both Duke and Johns Hopkins universities for his superb SAT score of 1,110. He's also been honored at Furman University and Heidelberg University for his academic achievements.

Outside of school, Sumter likes to swim and practice karate.

"My favorite part about swimming is the rush of entering the water and how quickly you go," Sumter said.

Sumter hopes to keep swimming through high school and college. He also has a black belt in karate, which took four years to get.

Then there is his musical talent. Sumter plays the piano and is part of an all-county and all-state chorus.

"In sixth grade, at first I was put into chorus and after a while I kept singing, and now I'm here," he said.

The seventh grader enjoys singing with his mother, who he learned a lot from.

In his off time, Sumter said he likes to volunteer with Backpack Buddies, a charity working to reduce children's hunger.

While he stays busy in seventh grade, he has a lot to do to make his dream come true. His goal? College at Yale.

"It has a good swim team and a very good law school," Sumter said.

With his scholastic, swimming, singing, piano and philanthropy experience, some would say they'd be lucky to have him at any Ivy League school.

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