Santee Cooper rolls out new enhanced online program called 'My Energy Link'

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - New changes are coming for Santee Cooper E-billing customers.

While the program is scheduled to end June 30, the electric company now has a new enhanced online service that's available through its mobile app called "My Energy Link" or MEL for short.

Santee Cooper is asking its E-billing customers to unenroll in E-billing to avoid being charged more than once. When signing up for the new MEL program, customers need to remember an activation link will be emailed to them.

They must go through that activation link in order to be registered and have access to the program. The MEL program is paperless billing and customers can pay online. Plus, the website and app offer a lot more features and tools.

Santee Cooper representatives said mail-in or drop-off payments will still be accepted; they've even partnered with banks in the area to provide 17 more locations where customers can make those payments.

"We're still sort of like old school (for those) who really want that. But then we're wanting to meet the customers who want it now, want it on the go, want to be able to set up a draft every month to make sure their bill is paid. So, we feel like we're trying to meet every customer need and do it the best that we can," said Susan Mungo, public relations specialist for Santee Cooper.

Mungo said this new switch is all about convenience, to give its customers more on-the-go options.

It not only allows customers to pay their bills, but has many tools, from tracking usage to energy saving rebates and programs. Residents can even track power outages in their area.

"I think one of the biggest things for MEL is it is interactive, it is right at your fingertips and it gives our customers an opportunity they didn't have before and an option," Mungo said. "So, we're very excited about this and we feel like it will offer for our customers a way to maybe even choose auto draft when they didn't before or get notifications when their bill is due. You know, that's something that you really haven't had the opportunity before without this online platform."

E-billing customers will be notified with a link that will guide users through the whole un-enrollment process and help them switch over to the new MEL program.

"We're going to look at this as an opportunity. We have rolled this out, it is a great program. it offers opportunities that we've not been able to offer our customers before. But we do continue to improve it and enhance it as we go along, so we will be adding enhancements to the program periodically to make it faster, smarter and easier for our customers to use," said Mungo.

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