TONIGHT AT 6 - WMBF Investigates: Inventor of "The Growler Chill" responds to Kickstarter backers

TONIGHT AT 6PM - Last week, a man from Virginia contacted us through the WMBF Investigates email asking us to look into a local company here selling a product many people seem to want.

It's called the Growler Chill. Back in early 2017, we even covered its launch when it was featured on Kickstarter:

It keeps growlers of craft beer cold and on tap. The developer says the product keeps the growlers fresher for longer.

The Growler Chill has had a lot of success. Almost 1,800 people have put more than half a million dollars behind it.

But many consumers are growing frustrated with how long it's taking to receive the product they were promised.

WMBF News Anchor Kaitlin Stansell tracked down the developer, and she got their questions answered.

Tune into her WMBF News Investigation, tonight at 6 p.m.

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