Businesses, visitors say barricades impact business and parking on Ocean Blvd.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - From the traffic loop to the barricades to the stormy weather, some business owners and visitors in downtown Myrtle Beach said this weekend was not as busy as they anticipated.

After shutting down early Friday and Saturday, Myrtle Beach Police decided to not even implement the 23-mile traffic loop in the first place on Sunday night.

However, several vacationers said the barricades up all weekend along Ocean Boulevard made getting around very difficult during the day, and businessowners said it has taken a toll financially.

"Bike Week has hurt our business a great deal; we used to do $100,000 on a seven-day, now we do about $15,000. That makes for a real rough start for us," said Justin Plyler, owner of the Gay Dolphin gift shop.

For over 70 years the Gay Dolphin has welcomed vacations to the Grand Strand during Memorial Day weekend, but Plyler said retail business has taken the bigger hit.

Vacationers Jay and Harriet Redmon said this is their first time to Myrtle Beach during Memorial Day and Bikefest. They said the barricades made things very difficult for parking.

"The traffic has been ridiculous; we haven't found any place to park," said Jay Redmon.

In Atlantic Beach, things became a lot slower following rain showers, but barbecue chef Jay Moody said they saw huge crowds Friday and Saturday.

While the barricades are put up for public safety, some would like to see something different.

"My suggestion would be have more officers directing traffic rather than put up barricades," said Harriet Redmon.

The traffic loop was shut down Sunday night due to light traffic, however due to the wet weather, the Myrtle Beach Police Department does recommend you take time and slow down.

For business owners Memorial Day weekend is the kick-start to summer, bringing in a large number of tourists, but several business owner said things were slower this year compared to years past.

“This year it’s been really different, it’s been very quiet compared years before,” said Rick Sarver.

Although some of the metal barricades are still here along the Ocean Boulevard traffic loop is no longer in effect.

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