Bikefest riders show off custom bikes and designs

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -- Bikefest continues all along the Grand Strand with different types of motorcycles and styles coming from all across the country.

Hundreds of bikes gathered on Saturday near the Myrtle Beach Mall, showing off their custom designs.

While all these different riders come from different parts of the country, some even different parts of the world, they all share the same passion and that is for motorcycles.

Some of the bikes you'll see include classic Harley Davidsons, Kawasaki and Suzuki Sport bikes, each with a different custom flavor.

One of the more popular styles is called, "The Big Wheel," which has replaced the old-style chopper more popular in 2010.

Another type is the sport bikes, designed for speed.

One motorcycle designer is here this weekend from New York was born in Jamaica and has worked on hundreds of bikes throughout the country.

He said there's no better feeling than using your passion to bring someone's vision to life.

"I get a lot of inspiration on how to do different styles of bikes, I come here and take a lot of pictures, so I can go back and do different styles of bikes," said Desi Johnson.

For riders like Artiste Johnson, her motorcycle is like a canvas expressing her love and passion not just for motorcycles but DC Comics, specifically Harley Quinn.

"I love the speed and I love Harley Quinn, I've been a big DC Comic fan and she just fits me," said Johnson.

Many riders showing off their bikes throughout the Grand Strand lit up at night.

Though the traffic loop was shut down early on Friday, as of right now is scheduled to be running from 10pm till 2pm.

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