Students use mock mass casualty drill to prepare for the worst

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Hurricane Coy hit the Academy for the Arts, Science, and Technology on Thursday.

Of course, it wasn't a real hurricane, but just a drill. Still, the exercise included real-life situations, with victims and a live scene.

The drill was a joint effort by biology, forensics, chemistry and art students.

"Walking into a scene like this, first of all, it was shocking," said senior Mackenzie Lane. "There were some people wanting your help, but you had to assist the ones that were more immediate and you had to pick and choose, and we had to learn who is priority one and who is the least priority."

"You may have a fire hazard over here, water over here," said teacher Dana McCallum. "I know that WMBF has been doing hurricane preparedness and our students are following along with that and doing our own preparedness."

While the drill was set up mainly for EMS students, it was a learning experience for all classes involved.

"We got a mucilage kit from Horry County Fire Rescue so we had plastic stuff and latex that we used to add to the victims. It really helped everyone involved, to learning about the special effects makeup, to learning how to set the scene and acting like you're shocked," said Juliana Davis.

"We were able to tie together the EMS side of things but also the crime scene. By setting it we were able to determine how we would tackle the scene as a crime scene," agreed Will Williams.

Students say after the drill, if there was a natural disaster, they would be ready to jump into action.

"I just want to thank my school and my teachers for putting this on because without them we wouldn't have this opportunity. And I would like to thank first responders because after doing our drill today, it was just like you really have to know what you're doing and I respect them," said Madison Lane.

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