Outdoor amphitheater could be coming to Conway Riverfront

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The City of Conway is rich in history. A new project, under consideration for the Riverfront, would help showcase the past while bringing a new opportunity for entertainment to downtown.

The Theater of the Republic in Conway is proposing an amphitheater on the Riverfront. The idea comes from a partial script drafted by the theater for a musical drama based on the history of Conway. The Waccamaw River would serve as the setting for the outdoor drama. But, in order for this production to work, the city needs an amphitheater somewhere along the riverfront, ideally with seating for 700 people.

The proposal was presented to Conway City Council Monday. City leaders voted in favor of exploring the idea with a feasibility study which would look in to things like location and an estimated budget.

"There are multiple parts of a feasibility study that could affect whether this is a viable project or not. First is, do we have the space anywhere within the city that the city already owns, what would the cost be to construct the space….and then there's also things like do we have enough people to come to the show," said Adam Emrick, City Administrator for Conway.

Emrick believes it would help attract people while showcasing the city's history.

"It would be a nice little tourist boost for the city. It's authentic to the city of Conway and that's what we strive for when we add tourism pieces, it's things that really are authentic to Conway that aren't trying to recreate or make a new history," he said.

Emrick added the city hopes to use grant funding available for the feasibility study.

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