Grand Strand Humane Society fights to save cat with bullet lodged in spinal cord

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Grand Strand Humane Society is fighting to save a cat that has a bullet lodged in its spinal cord.

A post on the GSHS' Facebook page states the organization got the kitten, who the staff named Grace, from animal control due to its inability to move its back legs.

An X-ray then confirmed that the kitten had been shot, as the bullet was seen in the spinal cord.

Doctors evaluated her Tuesday afternoon and determined they would give her another 72 hours before deciding what to do.

Grace has made significant improvements in her nerve function since she first arrived at the Humane Society.

Jessica Wnuk with the humane society says Grace actually isn't in any pain right now. She has what's called withdrawal, which means, when you pinch her back toes, she is moving her back legs slightly.

They're hoping the swelling around the area where the bullet is goes down. If it does, there's a chance she will eventually be put up for adoption.

However, there's also a chance that if she doesn't improve, humane euthanasia will be in her best interest, but staff at the Humane Society are hoping it doesn't get to that point.

"Little Grace is a fighter for sure, and we want to fight right beside her," Jessica Wnuk said.

WMBF News also spoke with Greg Lehotsky. He says the cat is a stray, and he's been feeding her for several months.

He says he was the one who called animal control when he realized her hind legs weren't moving.

Lehotsky says he was shocked when he heard a bullet was lodged in her spine.

"I immediately felt fear and I was very upset that somebody is cruel enough to do something like that to an innocent animal," he said.

Lehotsky is hoping if Grace ends up being available for adoption that he could adopt her as his own cat rather than just feeding her as a stray.

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