Robeson County teachers take part in rally for better public education in Raleigh

ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WMBF) – On Thursday, thousands of teachers returned to their classes just one day after marching for better public education throughout North Carolina.

Among the sea of people marching in Raleigh were hundreds of Robeson County school teachers showing their support for public school students, educators and public education.

Celestine Frazier is an educational assistant at W. H. Knuckles Elementary in Lumberton. She said Wednesday's rally was something she's never seen before, bringing together teachers from all over.

Frazier said the energy and speeches from the march still resonated with her Thursday.

"I mean it was such a beautiful sight. I couldn't believe it myself," she said.

Frazier arrived in Raleigh around 8 a.m. Wednesday. She described the scene as something she's never seen before, noting she was astounded by the turnout.

"I saw all of those charter buses that read 'Red for Ed' and they were blowing their horns," Frazier said. "I was excited, the adrenaline was up. I mean I was floored by all of the people."

Nearly 30,000 educators showed up in the fight for better public education. Frazier recalled fired-up teachers chanting and speaking about better funding, better technology and more respect.

"A lot of them felt that we're just looked upon as, you know, you're here to do a job and that's it; we're not going to give you any more money, we're not going to give you any more help," Frazier said.

Frazier said one man mentioned how state officials are always talking about more jobs, but fail to realize who prepares the people they need to fill them.

"We're the job creators," Frazier said. "We have to nurture, we have to feed, we have to build, we have to put this in these children."

Frazier said she hopes a statement was made Wednesday when crowds of educators stepped out of the classrooms for more resources inside the classrooms.

"Give them what they need to have a well-run, leveled classrooms. Make the kids happy. Make the teachers happy as well," Frazier said.

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