Over 60 people arrested following HCPD operations targeting street level narcotic sales

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Over 60 people were arrested following two operations over the last two weeks targeting street level narcotic sales in the Racepath community, according to a news release from the Horry County Police Department.

Horry County Police Department Spokesperson Krystal Dotson said community members helped in the operation.

"We've received several tips and complaints and just inquiries from residents within the racepath community that have encouraged us and educated us on some of the dealings that have taken place in regards to narcotics," said Dotson.

Rev. William Gause at the Racepath Community Center grew up in the area and said he has come to know how some of the community's core issues relate back to drugs.

"You go to the community park, you find needles," he said, "As we often say, enough is enough."

Gause said the community center has a number of things in the works like programs for adults and children to help bring up the community and try and combat some of the issues.

"If we get that under control, we can move on to great things," said Gause.

The charges range from narcotics distribution, attempt to possess drugs and wanted persons.

Thursday, May 3

Charged with attempt to possess drugs:

Maxwell McKinnon, Rodericka Bellamy, Khadijah Soles, Brenda Michaels, Christy Wilmoth, Daniel Watts, Curtis Sparkman, Charlie Grice, Michael Costello, Anthony Bang, Patrick McElwain Jr., Heather Shannon, Zachariah Benedict, Roxxanne Dickerson, Haley Fleisch, Robert McLaughlin, Austin Howell, Katelyn Atkins, Miguel Cruze, Tulio Machaeo, Joel Johnson, Kim Johnson, Matthew MacLellan, Eric Weinshenker, Rocky Session and Keith Elliott.

Charged with simple possession of marijuana:

  • Keith Elliott
  • Autumn Smalls
  • Shaquille Gore

PWID crack:

  • Gerald McCray


  • Travis Deavar (First degree burglary, assault and battery high and aggravated nature)
  • Micah Vereen (Failure to appear)
  • Raahkeem Young (Second degree domestic violence, failure to appear)
Friday, May 11

Charged with attempt to possess drugs:

Kevin Tanfield, Derek Spontak, Katherine Spontak, Jermaine Ransom, Edward Pokorny, Lavitra French, Yermin Castro, Steven Gonzalez, Scott Wright, Scott Latour, Kimberly Hylton, Carly Kneuer, Christy Wilmoth, Allec Hall, Brian Fillers, Jack Seymour, James Cochran III, Donald Elmore, Michael Kubaci, Sharon Sherman, Frank Montes, Charles Holley, Sean Peters, Ashlin Monteforte, William McGarry, Robert Augustine, James Wenneston, James Wice, Steven Prideaux, Thomas Gordon, Johnnie Brown and Joshua Kuhl.

Additional arrests:

  • Shariff Bellamy is charged with distribution crack cocaine and possession of a scheduled II narcotic.
  • Nizon Siheeim Simmons is charged with simple possession of marijuana, possession of a stolen pistol and possession crack cocaine.
  • Gary Lynn McCoy is charged with no South Carolina driver’s license.

The public is encouraged to join in the department's efforts by emailing drug tips to DrugTips@HorryCounty.org or by calling 843-915-TIPS. You can also download the Horry County Police Department App and send tips in there as well.

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