New improvements are on the way for Conway through its new 'Administrator's Task Force'

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - New improvements are on the way for the city of Conway. One way is through its new 100 percent employee led "Administrator's Task Force." City leaders say this is just another way to create fresh ideas from a whole new perspective.

City Administrator Adam Emrick created this work group of eight to ten high performing employees from all different departments of the city, from administration, to police, to solid waste workers - challenging them to come up with five ideas for the city. Then, out of those five ideas, Emrick selects one to green light.

These projects are ones that can be completed over a short amount of time, between six to eight weeks.

A goal of this project is also an opportunity for the city of Conway's staff to get out of the office and work together with those who usually don't cross paths in the workforce and team-build.

Once this first group completes their project, the next will go through the same process. The idea is to create something that has a lasting impact.

"Part of the reason why we're doing this is… we're running out of good ideas for projects. So, we need more ideas, and this is one of those things we're hoping… we know we'll develop good ideas. Our employees have so many wonderful insights into the city that we just don't always get out of them. This is a way to let those ideas bubble to the top and we can green light them. We want those ideas to be you know, fruition," said Emrick.

The first Administrator's Task Force consists of ten employees, and making improvements to Waccamaw River Park was the first one to get the green light. The group handles everything from the initial brainstorming process to the manual labor of the project.

Emrick said bad weather events in years past did some damage to the trails at Waccamaw River Park. Therefore, the first thing the task force did was identify was the trouble spots to make sure all the trails were accessible.

Last Friday was their first working day to begin clearing trails. This week, the group will be working on making those trails better by improving the signs and clearing the boardwalks.

"The whole idea of this task force is to create something that has a lasting impression on the community and in this case this park is one of our beautiful features, one of our favorite parks. But we just never completed it. Never did that last little push, and that's what they're doing, they want to put that final touch on it, crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's, that's what they're going back to do right now, is putting that icing on the cake," said Emrick.

Emrick said the next step for the task force is to start looking at better places within the park for some more scenic views.

The following are the current Administrator's Task Force employees working on the Waccamaw River Park project:

Natasha Sherman, Administration

Nikki Goldman, Court

Amanda Brothers, Finance

Charles Thomas, Fire

Brian Ricci, Police

Ted Dudley, Public Utilities

Bradley Todd, Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Anthony Collins, Shop

Boyce Lilly, Solid Waste

Bryson Gillig, Grounds & Maintenance

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