Student Spotlight: Freshman recognized for video production excellence

Student Spotlight

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - A freshman at Aynor High School is making waves in video production.

Cooper Toy has always been interested in video production, but hadn't given his talent a real try until he had the equipment to make it happen. Aynor High School provided him with that chance.

Toy has many roles at Aynor High, but his favorite is as the "cameraman."

"Transitions, blending, jump cuts, all that. There's a lot more going into video production than what you see on the surface," Toy said.

Toy's video producing began by chance when he started shooting Aynor High School football games for fun. With the help of his technology teacher, he learned to put hype videos together of the football plays.

"I sent it out to all our coaches and they never really gave it a thought, and then they saw it and said 'Oh, this is great!' and wanted me to come to every game," Toy said.

He went to most of the games and his videos of the football team caught the eye of the baseball team.

"This was about a 30- to 35-hour, man-hour video. It took quite a bit of time," Toy said of the Aynor High baseball team hype video.

With more experience, he found inspiration for the video from professional baseball. The baseball hype video for the 2018 season went on to win first place in video production for the ninth-10th grade category at the Horry County Technology Fair.

Toy said besides his teachers, he's learned a lot of skills, specifically final cut skills, from YouTube.

In addition to the sports videos, Toy recently was hired by a local insurance agency to produce a professional commercial.

"We had three days total production time - that includes shooting and editing - so it taught me a lot about how to be quick and get the shots that you need," he said of what he learned from professional work.

The commercial airs at Frank Theatre in Conway before every movie for the next year.

Toy also won a Discus digital photo contest and his winning photo is on the homepage of the website.

The student also caught the eye of his high school principal. Right now he's finishing a video to promote Aynor High School's "Blue Jackets Read" literacy initiative. That will be his final project of the year.

As a freshman, Toy isn't sure about college. He hopes to keep improving on his video production skills.

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