While sides await judge’s order, city begins preparing for 2018 Bikefest

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Preparations for this year's Bikefest are well underway.

WMBF News found metal fence barricades in areas like George Bishop Parkway on Monday, already in place and ready to go. They're set to be used to create the 23-mile traffic loop that will go into effect over Memorial Day weekend.

The barricades are linked to local controversy.

In February, the NAACP filed a lawsuit claiming the 23-mile traffic loop that's been used during "Black Bike Week" for the past few years is a form of discrimination against black tourists.

Just last week, a federal court judge did not issue a ruling regarding the traffic loop following a hearing.

Instead, the judge will file an order in reference to the loop. There is no timeline on when it will be published.

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