Have you had troubles when using the Parkmobile app lately? City officials have solutions

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Have you been experiencing some troubles when using the Parkmobile app lately? We're getting even closer to the busy summer season ahead and that means more people parking along Ocean Boulevard. The Parkmobile app is a convenient tool to use when parking in the city, but some drivers have said they've been getting parking tickets, even after they paid with the Parkmobile app.

So much of our communication has switched to cellular interaction these days. So, when there's a lot of people in town using their cell phones, there could be a potential connectivity issue. Chief Marketing Officer of Parkmobile, Jeff Perkins, said in the past few weeks, they haven't received any unusual call volumes from their end.

However, he said the group that runs parking in Myrtle Beach, Lanier Parking, has dealt with some reports of network overload and customers have been experiencing some issues with cellular service.  As a result, they weren't able to connect to the Parkmobile app.

Perkins said issues with local cellular service is something that happens periodically and if this happens, the company recommends to just physically pay at the meter.

"This happens periodically. If there's an influx of visitors to an area, it's really busy, it can overwhelm the local cell towers. Sometimes this happens probably if you attend a big event, and you can't get cell service because too many people are on their cell phone. But, with our systems we don't see any issues, our systems are working properly. Beyond the Myrtle Beach market, we do over 200,000 transactions every day. We're always monitoring to make sure there's no downtime," said Perkins.

If you're having issues with the Parkmobile app, you can visit the Help Center straight from your app. Just go to the "MORE" page and click "HELP" under the "INFO" section and you can reach out to the customer service team from there. You can also reach their customer service team from their website.

Now, if you were charged incorrectly or received a ticket, despite paying through the Parkmobile app, the company does not handle any refunds. So, they recommend you go directly to the parking operator, Lanier Parking. The spokesperson for the City of Myrtle Beach, Mark Kruea, said to bring your receipt to the parking office and they'll adjust the issues.

He also said the city is currently looking to get better coverage by possibly changing cell tower providers—to hopefully fix some of the network glitches. There's also a long-term solution in the works for the city that could help.

"The long-term solution is the 5G technology, the small cell system. That will provide the greater connectivity. The internet of everything these days, from your car, to your refrigerators, to the parking meters, it all talks through the clouds. So, when that small cell technology comes along, you should have much greater connectivity," said Kruea.

The Lanier Parking Systems in Myrtle Beach number is (843) 626-7275.

To contact Lanier Parking, follow this link.

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