Some local offices closed for Confederate Memorial Day

Source: WMBF News
Source: WMBF News

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Confederate Memorial Day is still acknowledged by South Carolina and some other southern states.

Despite the removal of the Confederate flag from the State House in 2015, the holiday remains.

"It's good you make it a holiday but you need to advertise that as well," said Barry Gethers as he was trying to go to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles on 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach Thursday.

While Gethers said he has heard of the holiday, he didn't know it was Thursday.

The only way to find out the office was closed was to call the state DMV number. Callers would discover a recording stating all offices were closed Thursday to observe a state holiday.

A lot of people were driving in and out of the DMV, confused as to why it was closed.

"Oh yeah, I've seen quite a few people wondering because hardly anyone knew anything about it," Gethers said.

Confederate Memorial Day is a holiday observed in several southern states like Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Georgia, though not all states acknowledge it on the same day.

Both South Carolina and North Carolina observe the holiday on May 10.

"I know quite a few veterans and each one has different opinions and what not, but that's why we have to really look at the history of the flag and realize what exactly the flag represents and that's how we have to celebrate it," Gethers said.

It is not considered a federal holiday, so the Social Security Office was open in Myrtle Beach

The holiday is a way to remember the Confederate soldiers who died fighting the Union in the Civil War.

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