Myrtle Beach Fire Ocean Rescue Team demonstrates real-world scenarios

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue is prepared for the busy summer season. During a Multi-Skill Ocean Rescue Evolution on Wednesday, the Water Rescue Team demonstrated real-world scenarios.

Some of those situations included a multi victim rescue, a Code X or lost swimmer operation, and a large area search and recovery operation. More than a dozen crew members participated in those scenarios near Springmaid Pier.

Some of the rescue team members took on the role of live victims along with a dummy to represent an unconscious person. The task at hand: to go out and save them like they would on any given day when someone's in trouble.

Myrtle beach fire's water rescue team is in its third year. Last year, the team responded to 22 rescue situations, and they hope to continue that work to keep the beaches safe.

"To continue what we're doing now, keep our level of training and everything with new members and recruits coming in…. It's very important, we work with the beach services as well as the police department and we all work together to allow the locals and the visitors to be as safe as possible," said Battalion Chief Brian Mitchell.

The fire department's new robotic lifeguards. known as EMILY, were not involved in the demonstration today but they will be a part of the rescue team's operations this summer.

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