Saint James High School baseball is a 'cut' above the rest

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - There's a sense of urgency at Shark Park.

With every rep in the cage, there's another in the bullpen. For a team that's won 19 of their last 20 games, the attention to detail is key.

The Saint James Sharks take nothing for granted as their play on the field is taken just as serious as their bond off of it.

"It's like a fraternity, a brotherhood," says assistant coach Jacob Simmons. "We're all family."

It's a unit that takes cuts in the cage, as well as the ones on their heads.

"The guys get crazy haircuts to start playoffs just to show there's nothing more important than our team," says head coach Robbie Centracchio. "It's a player thing. No coaches are holding guys down and doing it and it seems like every year, they get a little more elaborate and a little more wild."

"We tend to keep it pretty loose," laughs senior and USC-Sumter commit Anthony Peck.

Peck, one of the team's best players, moved from New Jersey a few years ago. Even he was intimidated by the baseball vibes in the South.

"I was extremely nervous to move 600 miles, joining a whole new atmosphere," he said. "Baseball up north is good, but it's just a different style down here."

Finding the right balance between a fade and team pride, Peck and the Sharks aren't backing down from any challenge.

"It's just another game we need to win in order to reach our goal," said Centracchio. "There's no game or moment that's any bigger. If you make the game or moment bigger, then it can overwhelm you sometimes."

A season in which they'll "mullet" over one game at a time.

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