Recent crime near Third Avenue South has residents on edge

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Some people who live near Third Avenue South in Myrtle Beach say they're fed up with the recent crime that has plagued the area.

Myrtle Beach Police Department records show as of Thursday, 140 incidents or arrests have taken place in the Third Avenue South area since the start of 2018.

Some people who live in the area say they've seen it happen themselves, and it makes them terrified.

"Honestly, if I were to describe it, it feels like we're living under siege," Christa Walker, who lives at Piper's Pointe Apartment Complex, said.

Walker has three kids, all teenagers. She says she won't let them out of her sight.

"I feel like my teenagers cannot properly experience being teenagers because they cannot have friends over," Walker said. "They cannot stay home alone. We are just living in this box and trying to stay away from our home as much as possible."

Jackie Hawkins also lives at Piper's Pointe. She says she's tired of all the crime in the area.

"People are being beaten, people are being shot at, people are being pistol whipped," Hawkins said.

She also keeps a close eye on her teenager.

"I'm afraid to let my kid go outside, and she's 16," Hawkins said.

MBPD Capt. Joey Crosby said he encourages anyone who lives in the area to join the neighborhood watch.

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