Big rig hauling massive nuclear plant turbine to Hartsville rolls through NC

(Source: City of Whiteville Fire Department)
(Source: City of Whiteville Fire Department)

WHITEVILLE, NC (WMBF) – A big rig hauling a massive turbine to a nuclear plant in Hartsville traveling through Whiteville, North Carolina Tuesday, according to the News Reporter.

It took some deft maneuvering to get he 850,000 pounds, 300-foot rig around the historic Columbus County Courthouse, the News Reporter reports. Workers had to remove signs and raise power and telephone lines to get the 30-foot-high truck through.

The big rig, along with its escort of power truck, state troopers and escort vehicles, had to travel along two-lane roads as the bridges on US 74-76 and other highways were too low.

The News Reporter stated the trip to Hartsville will take about three days. The nuclear plant turbine was shipped from Germany to the port in Wilmington, and another is scheduled to come through the county next week.

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