POA responds to Horry County community's concern of 'severe' road issues

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - An update to a story we first brought you in January  One Horry County community has been dealing with what they call severe road issues since the beginning of the year, and those who live there are growing more concerned.

The potholes, bumps and cracked roads in Deerfield Plantation are just some of the issues residents have been dealing with since the winter storm earlier this year. They say this has been the worst they've ever seen and say it's not getting any better.

Neighbors said they've been putting "band-aids" on the roads for years, but when it rains it damages everything again, even their cars. People who drive on Deerfield Avenue regularly said it's almost impossible to maneuver around the damaged roads.

Residents in the area said the increased traffic on Deerfield Avenue is their biggest concern for the future.

"We don't have the traffic that Deerfield Avenue has, and the real property is between 544 and Glenns Bay Road. This is the only way to cut through between the bypass and Business 17, and this traffic is not just Deerfield Avenue traffic…this is traffic from people using cut-throughs. We've had trucks coming through here, they don't want to go to Glenns Bay Road down with all the construction… they don't want to use 544 during the summertime, so they cut through Deerfield Avenue, and that's the real problem in Deerfield Plantation," said Harvey Machinist, resident of Deerfield Plantation.

A major question that's been circulating the community is: who really owns these roads? Deerfield Avenue is part of an 18.81 acre piece of land owned by a private company called Deerfield Roads LLC, based in Tennessee. Therefore, Horry County is not involved with this project at all.

With several new developments under construction right now on Platt Boulevard, some neighbors are concerned about the increased traffic.

"They really got to repair this. I don't know how they're going to work it out, but the board's have really got to understand that they got to make that commitment to repair the road and then to assess each property owner. We're getting two big developments coming in on the golf course, on the north course and the south course, that's going to bring another 400-500 homes in here. The traffic in here is going to be horrendous. I really think those developers should be responsible, partially repaving Deerfield Avenue, they're bringing all that traffic in here," said Machinist.

The POA for the community said it's requested construction vehicles headed for new developments on Platt Boulevard to not to use Deerfield Avenue, and for the most part, they've been complying.

The board now has a contract with a private paving company to make repairs to the worst of the potholes along Deerfield Avenue. It's on the schedule to patch the potholes, but only on Deerfield Avenue, starting on May 1.

"The roads are really falling apart, my concern about the roads being the way they are… is there are people who have homes for sale on Deerfield Avenue and other places within Deerfield, the property value is just going to drop. No one's going to buy at all in here, I mean it's a beautiful area, we're close to the beach, we're close to everything, and that's why I bought in here about 12-14 years ago. They've got to do something or else we're going to be a real shame and people got to realize that," said Machinist.

The road work is expected to take around two days, depending on the contractor's availability.

WMBF News reached out to the Shaad Companies, who owns Deerfield Roads LLC, to find out if they have plans for the other roads in Deerfield Plantation and have not heard back yet.

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