Military history trolley tour provides a glimpse into the past

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Market Common hosted a military history trolley tour Friday afternoon to give riders an inside look at the history of the area.

The now-extinct Myrtle Beach Air Force Base sat where The Market Common currently sits.

The trolley tour explains how The Market Common has preserved the history of the Air Force base.

"This is one of the best bases ever," tour leader Kathryn Hedgepath said. "This is one of the best kept secrets in the Air Force."

Hedgepath has been giving tours since November. She says the riders enjoy them.

"The people who have been on them, they just love them," Hedgepath said.

One of the highlights is a stop at Warbird Park. During the tour, participants get an inside look at what each of the three planes means to the area.

"People come to Warbird Park because they see the planes, and it's pretty obvious," Hedgepath said. "But bringing it all together and getting it organized and rallying the troops to get people to come out and really appreciate it … I think that's the key thing the military history tour is doing."

Hedgepath says a lot of the street names in The Market Common are named after people associated with the Air Force base as well.

A date for the next tour hasn't been set yet.

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