Organizers of the Wings Over Myrtle Beach Airshow look forward to the future

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - You may have heard some buzzing in the air or even some planes up high in the sky lately, that’s because it’s the final countdown. The Wings Over Myrtle Beach Airshow will take off this weekend on April 28 to 29.
Retired Air Force veteran and President of JLC Airshow Management, John Cowman, is the man with the plan who brought this idea to life. He's already looking ahead to next year and said the line-up is set up all depending on this weekend's outcome. He said you might even see the United States Air Force Thunderbirds up in the air, come next year.

“We’ve discussed it with them, we hope to have this become an annual event and right now we have for next year’s show… we’ve already got the United States Thunderbirds scheduled for the first weekend in May and then we got some other surprises for the show for next year. But, we’ll get through this show and make sure everyone’s happy… both on the community side, the airport side, and our side, and we’ll try to get everything ready back into a normal rotation of an annual airshow here,” said Cowman.

Cowman said it usually takes 18 months to build an event of this size, but with his team's experience, this show in particular took only four months.

He said this was a natural good deal because Myrtle Beach is a great destination location and also because it has such a rich history in the U.S. Air Force.

As an Air Force Veteran himself, Cowman had already scoped out the area. So, when the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce reached out, he said plans formed together fast.

“First of all, I’m very excited to bring back an airshow to Myrtle Beach, the former Air Force base. So, it’s really exciting… there’s a lot of retirees here. So, having this show back for them after an absence of over 25 years is really heartwarming for all of us because we’re all retired military,” said Cowman.
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The Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show is the first air show in Myrtle Beach in over a decade.
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