Running the Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show falls to the 'Air Boss'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show is a very precise operation that requires very careful planning.

The man behind it all is known as the Air Boss.

He does have a real name, though. George Cline has been working air shows like Wings Over Myrtle Beach for 30 years. He's also been working for the Federal Aviation Administration for 39 years.

Cline's job is to make sure the planes and helicopters taking part in the air show take off and land when and where they're supposed to.

"I'm kind of the conductor, you may want to say," Cline said. "If you've got an orchestra, somebody's got to lead it."

Cline is that leader.

For the air show and the week leading up to it, whatever he says goes.

"I brief every morning," Cline said. "I come in here at 8:30 every morning. We brief all the pilots. If you're going to fly in my show or be any part of my show, you must be in that briefing."

Cline will work in conjunction with air traffic controllers at Myrtle Beach International Airport as well to make sure none of their flights get in the way.

"It's a very well-oiled machine to make it work," Cline said. "If it didn't, it'd be just total chaos."

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