Student Spotlight: Student brings home award for movie trailer

Student Spotlight

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - For the fourth year in a row, students at Aynor High School have brought home a statewide award for video production.

This year, though, the inspiration for the award-winning short film came from a love for books and movies.

Aynor High senior Hannah Thomas enlisted the help of her fellow classmates, and in the end they all won the statewide Video Book Award sponsored by South Carolina school librarians.

Thomas decided to make a movie trailer out of the book 'The Secrets We Keep" and used her high school as a major filming location.

"This was the first time that I've ever taken a book and transformed it in to a movie and it was very fun, great experience," Thomas said.

Thomas was the director and lead actress. She cast her friends and her own sister, who played her twin in the trailer. The camera crew brought some excitement to Aynor High, but it was much more exciting for Hannah, who made her first real production with Final Cut.

She said she learned more about herself and movie making in the process.

"I think I just learned everything that goes into movie production, like how difficult it really is," Thomas said. "People don't understand at all. This was like a three-minute trailer and it took us like a month to film and put the whole thing together."

While Thomas directed and acted, the editing process was a team effort to make it just right. She said she had a hard time choosing which scenes made the cut.

"I think they change the book a little bit when they're making the movie because I think after a while they think it's their own. It's their own like … the movie has become their own story and they want it to be a certain way," Thomas said.

The soon-to-be graduate is going to Furman University in the fall, where she plans to minor in film studies and possibly pursue film as a career. However, Thomas wants to direct the book she writes.

Before graduation, though, she said she has one more project up her sleeve – a documentary on bullying in high school and middle school.

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