Attorneys believe bird's nest in light fixture started Windsor Green fire

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A separate investigation, overseen by two attorneys, is underway to figure out what caused the fire at the Windsor Green condo complex almost two weeks ago.

On Tuesday, those attorneys said they believe a bird's nest in a light fixture is what started the blaze that left 16 people homeless and seven with injuries.

Ben Wilson and Dylan Bess, with Morgan and Morgan, are leading the investigation and held a press conference Tuesday with their client, victim Brian Alewine. They said their preliminary investigation is complete and they believe more information will come to light once the full investigation is finished down the road.

"We hope that the community understands that this is an attempt to hold the parties responsible that need to be held responsible," said Wilson.

A lawsuit has yet to be filed, but Wilson said they plan to involve the property management company and the homeowners association for Windsor Green.

"As far as a timeline and how long it will take and what will happen … there's a lot of witnesses out there," said Wilson, "This was a massive fire. Us tracking down all those witnesses is a task in and of itself."

Alewine recalled the terrifying moments when the fire tore through the condo building.

"I saw the reflection of the fire on the building next to us and that's when I yelled to my wife, to my oldest son, 'Get your shoes on; we got to go,'" he said.

Now, Alewine and his family are trying to recover.

"Right now, it's taking it day by day," he said.

WMBF News reached out to Horry County Fire Rescue for an update on their investigation, but have not yet heard back.

Additionally, WMBF reached out to Benchmark Management Group Inc., the property manager for Windsor Green, for comment, but they were unable to provide one. Contact information was also left with the property manager in the hopes of speaking with the president of the homeowners association. That call has not yet been returned.

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