Mosquito population expected to spike as warm temperatures move in

HORRY COUNTY (WMBF) - As warmer weather moves in, the Horry County Mosquito Control Division is kicking into high gear.

The division says they've been prepared to spray since March  1st, and have been standing ready for when temperatures begin to rise overnight.

Over the last couple of days the Grand Strand area has seen warm temperatures and inches of rainfall—a pair that makes the environment just right for a spike in mosquito activity.

This year, the Stormwater Department has a little over 15,000 larvicide tablets to drop across the county, up from the roughly 12,000 purchased last year.

Horry County Mosquito Control Supervisor James Brock says the mosquito season is most active from around August to October, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't be worried about the bothersome bugs in the pet dishes or birdbaths

"We've seen them in traps, I mean, they hibernate just like any other insect will do during the winter. You'll see them under pine bark, pine straw, mulch, under your house in storm water pipes. Anywhere that there's a place that they can harbor, they will harbor," said Brock.

The City of North Myrtle Beach says it will begin aerial spraying on May 1st, while the City of Myrtle Beach is also preparing to start spraying beginning of May. Brock says there are things you can do to help in the meantime.

"As far as the general public projecting themselves remember to wear some form of mosquito repellent when you're outside, Iight colored, long sleeve clothing, make sure that your windows and doors have screens on them," he said.

Brock says they've already begun thermal fogging parks early in the morning, and expects they'll begin aerial spraying sometime soon.

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