Horry County School Board decides on three priority projects

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - With the addition of five new schools this year, and the number of students growing each year, the Horry County School Board is working to make progress on other projects. Horry County Schools' $750 million capital plan includes the renovation of several schools and building new ones. On Monday, the district decided which projects are at the top of their list.

"The top three projects are ones that have been differed over the past several years," said Horry County Schools Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier.

The first project, building a new replacement facility for the Horry County Education Center, known as an alternative school.

"The condition of the current education center is one of the lowest on our FCI study. So, it was on our short term capital plan, but the funding got moved to other projects so that's why it got moved to this list."

Another project: a new facility to combine records for transportation and science kits.

"It was part of the old Horry Street property that got damaged in the hurricane so that's why we're trying to find them a new home," said Horry County Schools' Mark Wolfe.

That facility would be built from the ground up.

"We do have property here at the district office where that potentially could be," said Bourcier.

The school board also discussed moving forward with renovations to Aynor Middle School. School leaders say the school needs updates to deal with growth needs.

"It's a capacity issue and a traffic issue. They need additional parent loop drives and additional classroom space for the growth," said Wolfe.

While the board did vote to move forward with these projects, Bourcier says another formal vote is needed. She explains voting on these projects does not mean the other proposals in the five year capital plan will be discontinued.

"The five year capital needs plan will continued to be discussed. There are other funding options for consideration for that, that would be debt capacity or a referendum that could go out to voters. So those are still ongoing discussions that will be had over the next several months," she said.

Bourcier says an official vote for those three priority projects will take place in May or June.

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