Future NCAAB stars return to Myrtle Beach for Big Shots

Myrtle Beach, SC (WMBF) - Steph Curry. John Wall.

Just a few names who've participated in the Big Shots Tournament. They weren't always household names.

"When I first saw Steph Curry, he was 15," said Jeff Schneider. "He was like 5'6 120 (pounds), but he had a really big foot, and so he grew to 6'3."

A former Division 1 basketball coach, Jeff Schneider is now the CEO of Big Shots. He designed the tournament over a decade ago to get young athletes exposure to the next level.

"I knew as a college coach what I liked, what I liked to see. I understood it as a former player, assistant coach, head coach in college," he said. "Now I've had 3 sons play Division 1 basketball so I feel like I understand the whole gamut of recruiting."

Schneider and his staff recruit the best players in the country, and their AAU teams come to play in the premier league that tours up and down the East Coast.

"We know what type of player Frank Martin would like or Brad Burnell or Cliff Ellis, what he's won with the 700 games he's won in his career."

And it's big business.

"Our economic impact to Myrtle Beach is $9 to $10 million a year," Schneider says.

Big Shots Marketing Executive Zenda Carney agrees.

"It's such an incredible opportunity to show off Myrtle Beach. People are stunned when they come and see that facility. John Rhodes did an amazing job getting sports tourism to be what it is today," she says.

With hundreds of teams coming through, the Sports Center of Myrtle Beach is where you can find all the action.

Schneider is thankful.

"We had a lot of teams before the Sports Center was built, but after it was built, that's when it's really been a tremendous help."

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