‘People had to jump off the third floor:’ Emotion heard in 911 calls for Windsor Green fire

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - WMBF News now has the 911 calls that were made last Thursday as a fire broke out at the Windsor Green condo complex in Carolina Forest.

The night ended with seven people hurt - four of them suffering critical injuries - and one building being destroyed.

Authorities have yet to say what they believe caused the blaze.

In those 911 calls, the emotion in the callers' voices is heard, as people's homes were being destroyed right in front of their eyes.

One caller told dispatch that, "people had to jump off the third floor."

Another caller was inside the building as she was speaking with dispatch.

Dispatcher: Ma'am, are you inside the building?
Caller: Yeah, I'm leaving ... I'm leaving right now. 
Dispatcher: I need you to get out. Stay on the phone with me and let me know if you can get out. 
Caller: Ok. I'm. Going. Out. The. Door. Oh, I can't breathe. 
Dispatcher: You can't breathe?
Caller: I'm running. Did you get Larry? Get Larry downstairs. I'm going to knock on this lady's door. I can hear the firetrucks though. I think I'm okay. 
Dispatcher: Let me know when you're out the building. I need you to get out quickly. 
Caller: I'm out of the building.

Another caller described the fire as an inferno, saying the building was engulfed in flames. One woman who phoned 911 said she could hear people screaming.

In one call, a man urges people to get out of the building. In the background, they can be heard screaming as he tells them to take off a screen.

He goes on to describe the desperate attempt by many to escape.

Dispatcher: How many people are injured at this time?
Caller: There's at least four or five people on the ground. They had to jump out of the third floor.
Dispatcher: People jumped off the third floor?
Caller: Yes, people had to jump off the third floor.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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