New luxury condominium building aims to bring a 'jewel' to Windy Hill area in NMB

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - "The Jewel of Windy Hill." That's what developers say they plan to bring to that section of North Myrtle Beach in the style of new modernized condos inspired by South Beach, Florida designs. "The Sapphire" will be a 5-story, 27-unit luxury condominium building.

The location will be 3410 S. Ocean Blvd between 34th and 36th Avenues South.

King One Properties International said the property is about two-thirds of an acre. There are currently six cottages on the property, but within the next month, the homes will be gone and the new luxury condominium will take shape.

The developers, Windy Hill Properties of SC, LLC, are promising something the area hasn't seen before with not only fresh new colors, but new technology as well. The condos will be "smart houses", equipped with high-technology and the most up-to-date modern design. The development will have a ground-level gated parking garage under the building.
King One Properties International founder and CEO Michael King said The Sapphire will be the first building of several in the "Gemstone Collection" they're rolling out. They plan to have a couple more developments around Myrtle Beach.

He said Windy Hill has been a standstill town up until recently, and there's been new developments happening in the area. The developers hope to bring something fresh and new to the area and said they feel like they're bringing a "jewel" to Windy Hill.

"It's been mostly beach cottages and family destination who've had the beach cottages in their family for many years… and a lot of people don't want to keep up with a single-family home. So, having a new condominium development in the area is something that's been needed and wanted," said King.

King said the property has already almost sold out. The building is only 27-units for privacy and exclusivity.

Local businesses in the area said they're excited and ready to see something new and fresh to the area and hope there is room for more new development in the future.

King said the process has been smooth sailing and they're already looking at other properties to grow the Gemstone Collection.

"We've experienced no challenges whatsoever, as a matter of fact, it's been extremely easy working with the city of North Myrtle Beach has just been such a pleasure for us. They are very welcoming to the new fresh ideas and bringing something exclusive to the North Myrtle Beach area," said King.

King said the next step to this project will be the demolition and moving process to clear the area. He said within the next 30 days, developers plan to clear the space and begin construction. They plan to move the cottages off the property and demolish those that can't be moved.

He said the construction would take around 10 to 12 months, with a projected completion date for the summer of 2019.

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