Residents to decide on future of Legends Drive

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A road in need of improvements has been embroiled in controversy over who will foot the bill.

Now, the future of Legends Drive is in the hands of the people who live near it.

At Tuesday's Horry County Council meeting, the governing body voted to allow a special election, meaning the people who live near Legends Drive will vote on whether they want a special tax district put in place in order to fix the road.

The council vote just barely passed 7 to 5. Almost every council member talked about how they don't think a special tax district should become a reality there, but they were worried about the legal ramifications of not allowing a special election because state law requires one to take place if there are enough signatures on a petition.

In this case, the signatures were there. Still, some people say they signed it not knowing what they were signing.

"I feel council could've said no to this," said Jenny McClellan, who lives in Sago Plantation just off Legends Drive. "The developer should pay for his road. We should not have to pay for his property."

Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus voted against the referendum because he says people signed the petition not knowing what, exactly, it meant.

"I had enough people that did sign the petition that felt that they didn't understand it or whatever it may be," Lazarus said.

Councilman Johnny Vaught represents the district affected. Even though he voted against the special election, he says he doesn't think the people who live near Legends Drive have to worry a whole lot because he thinks he knows what will happen.

"I think they'll vote it down. I really think they'll vote it down," Vaught said. "I've met with them several different times and the number of them keeps growing that are against it. Somebody emailed me a petition this week with over 350 names on it. They're against it."

Some people who live there say it will get voted down as long as they show up to vote.

"The trick is we have to make sure that those people go vote because the election is coming and they have to vote," said Bob Lohnes, who lives near Legends Drive.

The special election was originally scheduled to happen May 29, but a lot of people were concerned they'd be out of town since that's so close to Memorial Day. As a result, the election will be held on July 10.

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