Drivers concerned about a frontage road, officials say a project might help

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Barry Lee, owner of Joey Doggs along U.S. 17 Business, said he saw an accident just last week after a car flew through a yield sign along the frontage road and hit a car coming off U.S. 17 Business.

"You can see the yield signs from the frontage road, but you can also see them from 17 Business," said Lee.

He said he thinks there's confusion among drivers on both the frontage road and U.S. 17 Business, not knowing which driver the yield sign on the frontage road is for.

"There's too much traffic coming in from different directions and first of all you don't know who's going to go first," said driver Patricia Datcuk, who uses the frontage road often.

The frontage road runs from near S.C. 544 in Horry County down to near Glenns Bay Road in Surfside Beach.

Lee took to Facebook to voice his concerns and others in the area chimed in also. Some suggested painting the word "yield" on the frontage road to alleviate the confusion, as well as replacing the yield signs with stop signs.

WMBF News reached out to the South Carolina Department of Transportation to find out what the protocol is for replacing the signs. Traffic engineer Michael Bethea said this has been requested in the past, but after officials looked into it, they weren't sure it would make very much of a difference.

Bethea added there is a plan that makes improvements to U.S. 17 Business and would also improve access and safety in the area. He said it would close some median crossovers and access drives, while changing some yield signs along the road to stop signs.

WMBF News is working to get more information on these plans from SCDOT.

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