SC gubernatorial candidate wants to cut taxes, keep local money local

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Come November, citizens of the Palmetto State will head out to the polls and either elect a new governor or retain one.

Including current Gov. Henry McMaster, there are eight gubernatorial candidates in the running. Three of them are Democrats while five are Republicans.

One of those GOP candidates is Catherine Templeton, the former South Carolina director of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. She stopped by WMBF News' studio on Monday to talk about the upcoming election.

Among Templeton's plans if she is elected governor is cutting taxes.

"I'm the only candidate who worked in business and spent four years in government," she said. "I cut spending, I cut bureaucracy and now I'm going to cut taxes. I've actually done the math and at 4.85 percent it would reduce our taxes, because hard working South Carolinians should be able to hold onto their money."

Templeton also supports keeping local money here to help with area roads and bridges.

"Nobody knows better how to spend the money locally than the people being affected. Local money, local decisions. I completely support that and in fact, when you talk to the legislators about why they're keeping our money, they say it's to spread it around to the rural towns," she said. "Well I'm telling you, I've been to the rural towns. They're not getting the money back, either."

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