Two men walking 2,000 miles to raise awareness about addiction come through Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Day by day, mile by mile, step by step; Brett Bramble and John Azerolo have walked side by side to raise awareness about addiction.

Two men, leading an initiative, hoping to raise awareness about addiction by walking nearly 2,000 miles from Key West Florida to Calais Maine in honor of the lives lost and those who have concurred their own battles with the addiction.

This weekend their walk came right through Ocean Boulevard in downtown Myrtle Beach.

"We have broken hearts here," said Brett Bramble.

According to the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, 101 opioid related deaths happen right here in Horry County, the most out of all counties in the state.

"Day after day we talk to people that are in pain and they've suffered the loss of their loved ones and we have to carry that with us every day," said John Azerolo.

Bramble has been drug free for seven years, but the wakeup call didn't come until his sister Brittany died from a drug overdose four years ago.

"I feel the love in her heart is now carried in my heart and the compassion for others that she had in this world, I gained after her passing and I think she would be very happy," said Bramble.

Following their 2,000 mile journey Bramble and Azerolo hope to continue helping those with addiction recover through their nonprofit organization Freedom to Grow.

A nonprofit organization with a mission to help people with troubled pasts learn to have happy and healthy futures.

Participants will spend nine months living and working on a farm in North Georgia and provide mentoring as well as addiction counseling.

As their journey continues both have been overwhelmed by the out reach and support from others.

"Sometimes we just have to look at each other and say did that just happen, the kindness of others is amazing," said Brett Bramble.

Brett and John hope to finish their walk in August and we will continue to keep you updated on their journey to Maine.

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