Conway Recreation Center lowers fees to allow more kids inside the facility

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The City of Conway met on Monday for final readings on a couple of ordinances.  The Conway Recreation Center has made some changes by lowering its fees and access to the facility. Those who live in the city say the youth membership fees at the Recreation Center were just too high for students to afford, and they are glad their voices have finally been heard.

The proposal to lower the membership fees was first brought up by the community during one of the workshops at a Council meeting in February.  The original monthly student membership fees were $25 for city residents and $30 for non-residents.  Now, those fees have been dropped significantly.

Youth members who live within city limits can now get a membership for $5 a month and $7.50 for non-city residents.  If you want to just pay a daily rate, it will only cost $2.

The spokesperson for City of Conway said by lowering the fees, they hope to get more kids of all ages inside the recreation center.

Brandon Anderson is a basketball coach for Ascend Ballers in town, and also coaches football at the recreation center. He's been wanting this change for quite some time and is excited for what he calls a positive change.

"For one, it gets the kids off the phones, from in front of the television, out being active…and also for the families, it can create more family events, networking… it's a win, win," Brandon said. "It will also get kids off the streets and also it may create jobs, because now you may have, and should have, more kids in the facility, now you're going to need more staff. So, it's an economic boost too."

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